Pet Cremator Designed for the Future

Our newest bespoke multi-chamber pet cremation furnace has been designed to match our client’s specific needs, not just in the here and now, but also in the future. When this client first contacted us they had very precise ideas about what they wanted their new pet cremator to achieve in order to boost the performance and efficiency of their pet crematorium. The reason that they came to us was that they were confident that as one of the world’s leading pet cremator specialists no one is better qualified to design and engineer a made-to-measure system that would match their ideas and ambitions exactly and as they anticipated, our hugely experienced team came up with an innovative bespoke design that accommodated all their requirements. The new four-chamber pet cremation system has now been completed and is currently in the process of being installed within their pet crematorium.

Large Multi-Chamber Pet Cremation System

A key consideration was the dimensions of each of the chambers and so not only has this individually designed pet cremator been planned with six separate cremation chambers but critically two of them are specifically sized for the efficient cremation of smaller animals. A crucial consideration for the client both in terms of logistics and operating costs.

Another important feature that was requested by our client is the manner in which the arrangement of the machine was developed to suit a considerable redevelopment of the site. The additional challenge being that the client is already planning the future development of his business and for this reason had a desire for a machine with the ability to even further increase capacity in the future. Matthews rose to the challenge and have designed the machine to accept a further four cremation chambers in a manner that works with the ongoing redevelopment of the site.

In addition to the above considerations, the machine has been designed with the same attention to ergonomics and operational efficiency that we apply to every pet cremation system we design. The stacked design of the 4 main pet chambers means that the upper two chambers operate as hot hearth chambers, utilizing the heat energy from the lower chambers to supplement heat to the hearths. The exhaust gas passes are designed to ensure the flow of hot gas is utilized to add heat energy to other chambers thus ensuring the utmost in fuel efficiency.


We have supplemented this outstanding operational efficiency with a high-capacity secondary combustion chamber. This important factor ensures that the new pet cremation system meets today’s most stringent environmental regulations, meaning our client can have total confidence that the facility creates the minimum environmental impact.

As well as its environmental advantages our highly qualified team designed and engineered this progressive pet cremation furnace with an independently controlled, dedicated burner for each cremation chamber. This further ensures the utmost in efficiency in that each cremation chamber can be operated independently of each other based on-site demand. This, combined with the forced combustion air introduced through strategically placed nozzles in each chamber ensures the minimum fuel consumption, while at the same time guaranteeing the best possible quality of ashes together with a much-reduced cremation cycle time.

In today’s demanding economic climate, where there is a growing need for efficiency with the economy, this superbly designed and engineered pet cremator ticks all possible boxes.
It is superbly engineered to our internationally acclaimed standards and its specifications include robust structural steel shell, high-grade refractory lining, and high-efficiency insulation to provide outstanding strength, durability, reliability, economy and safety.

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